Gum Innovation. Gum Technology.

Discover how gums can provide solutions to problems and how they can improve your product. Gum Technology, a business unit of Penford Food Ingredients has gums that create emulsions, suspend particulates, retain moisture, provide freeze thaw stability, add fiber, form gels and add unique textures in products in the food and nutraceutical industries.

Request a sample, problem solve, or just learn more about Gum Technology's full range of synergistic gum blends, gum and starch blends and/or individual gums such as Acacia, Agar, Alginates, Carrageenans, Cellulose, CMC, Guar, Gum Arabic, Konjac, Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, PGA, Talha, Tara, & Xanthan.