How to Order


Please submit your order to your sales broker/representative to facilitate the ordering process. You can also fax or email your order directly to Gum Technology at 520-888-5585 (fax), or orders @ gumtech .com.Fax orders to 520.888.5585

Please make sure the following information is included in your purchase order:

Please feel free to use our courtesy purchase order template if needed. Open the Purchas Order Template PDF

We want to make certain that we have all the correct information and order requirements you need, so telephone orders will not be accepted. Faxing or emailing your order will ensure that you receive exactly the product and associated paperwork you need. However, if you have questions about your order or how to place an order, you are always welcome to call.

Please note that rush orders (less than 24 hour notice) for shipping stock items will incur an additional $60 fee.

Questions? Call our Toll Free phone # 1.800.369.4867


We stock different items at our warehouses. If long term projections are provided, material can be moved from one warehouse to another for easier pick up or shipping.


Your product can be shipped using one of several methods. Please indicate on your PO how you would like the material shipped.

Gum Technology will ship pallets with 30-40 pieces per pallet. All pallets are securely shrink wrapped. A typical single product pallet load is 30 cartons or 40 bags. This number can vary slightly. We can also ship mixed pallet loads.

Quote/Price RequestPrice

When you have tested and approved a gum or gum blend for your application, request a quotation and provide estimated order quantities if available. Click here to request a quote.

Due to Gum Technology's strict quality control standards, please understand that we cannot break open a carton or drum to send quantities that are smaller than the pack size.

Pack size depends on the product. Pack sizes can range from 25 lbs cartons to 200 lb. drums. The most common pack sizes are 55.12 lbs (25 kg), 50 lbs and 44.092 lbs (20 kg).

Apply for Credit
To apply for credit, please fill out our credit application and return it to Gum Technology. Open the Credit Application PDF

Lead Time

Allow enough lead time for your order. Our raw materials are imported from various countries and are subject to customs, FDA clearance, and quality control testing. These factors require varying amounts of time.

Kosher Certificates Orthodox Union Star K

Most all of our products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union and some are certified by Star K as well.

Click here to go to our Kosher certificates.

Post Order

When your order has been shipped, your invoice will be mailed to you.  Our terms are Net 30 days upon credit approval or pre-pay.

Return Policy

You have our assurance that we will do everything in our power to make certain that you receive quality product that is free from defects or impurities. However, if the unexpected arises due to shipping damages or extraordinary occurrences, please be assured that you have our full support in making sure that you get the product you want and need in time for your production schedules.

Return Policy for Damaged Goods/ Shipping Claims

If there is any damage to your product incurred during shipping, please let Gum Technology know immediately so we can help resolve this issue. If needed, we will send replacement product for any damaged and unusable goods to ensure that your needs are met. Please do not dispose of the goods without prior approval from Gum Technology. Often the trucker will need to inspect and photos will be needed. If the product shipped via pre-pay and add on our account number, Gum Technology will initiate a claim. If the product was shipped using your shipping account number or preferred shipper, Gum Technology will not have access to the account information, nor be allowed to file a claim on behalf of the customer; you will then need to initiate the claim. If you need to initiate the claim, we will be glad to supply you with any information required in a timely manner.

Return Policy for Unusable Goods

If the product is unusable due to any physical property or impurity, we will replace it with the shipping charges paid by Gum Technology. Please do not dispose of the goods without prior approval from Gum Technology. We will need photos and samples of the unusable product sent to our Quality Control department for analysis. In instances of product not meeting specifications, we will need a sample sent to our lab for comparison with our lot specific retention samples. If the product is out of spec, we will replace the product and the shipping charges will be paid by us.

Return Policy for Unneeded Goods

If you ordered the wrong material or over ordered, you may return sealed, unopened, uncompromised product to Gum Technology at a restocking fee, with shipping charges paid by you. Gum Technology must be notified within 10 business days of the customer’s receipt of product. Please contact Gum Technology for prior approval and instructions.

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