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Our Gums are Good... at solving problems

We believe in problem solving for our customers and helping you. We specifically design, recommend, sample, manufacture, and supply hydrocolloid systems that are what is best for our customers. Every day, our lab is working with Food Scientists, Food Technologists, Research Chefs and others in developing gum systems that support and complement the other ingredients in their formulations.

Think of our hydrocolloid lab as your hydrocolloid lab
Talk with our hydrocolloid specialists and tap into the power of our problem solving expertise. Please call 1-800-369-GUMS (4867) for problem solving recommendations, advice, and samples, or click here to contact us.

Product Issue Gums Solving Problems
Moisture migration Control water movement (prevent syneresis)
Ice crystallization Provide freeze/thaw stability and inhibit and reduce ice crystal formation
Oil & water separation Stabilize emulsions. Create true emulsions
Poor texture or mouthfeel Create a specific desired texture
Flavor masking Allow for a clean flavor release
Viscosity issues Create a specific desired thickness
Elasticity issues Create a specific desired pliability
Boil out Create a temperature stable gel set
Staling & poor structure Retain moisture and slow starch retrogradation
Gluten intolerance issues Recreate elasticity and provide structure
Settling of particulates Provide suspension
Protein denaturing Gums provide ionic charge stability
Poor adhesion Add cling
Bleeding between layers Create film barriers
Sugar related issues Replace solids
Integrity of reformed foods Create body
Reduced fat issues Recreate texture and mouthfeel
Insufficient shelf life Maintain the integrity of the finished product (stabilize water and fat migration)
Low profit Use ingredients at low usage levels, extend shelf-life and create a better product
Over stabilization Determine if there are too many hydrocolloids in your product or if you have ones that are not working efficiently

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