Starch and Gum Stabilizing Systems: GumPlete®

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Starch and Gum Synergy
GumPlete® starch and gum stabilizing systems help provide added benefits beyond using an individual gum or a starch independently. GumPlete® systems are formulated to ensure that the starch and gums work synergistically and efficiently with each other.

Application Benefits Product
Gluten-free Baked Goods Provides structure, improves crumb and retains moisture GumPlete®
GF 101
Baked Goods (Fillings) Promotes bake stability and reduces boil-out, provides a clean flavor release, improves texture GumPlete®
(Non-Dairy Creamer)
Provides emulsification, acid stable,
shear stable
Instant Beverages (Meal Replacement, High Fiber, Protein) Promotes creamy texture and mouth-feel, improves suspension, contributes fiber content GumPlete®
BV 111
Dips & Spreads Mimics texture of fat, imparts creaminess, improves consistency GumPlete®
Sauces Promotes freeze/thaw stability, stabilizes emulsion, improves creaminess, provides suspension GumPlete®
Soups Promotes emulsification, controls fat separation, provides suspension, imparts creaminess, promotes freeze/thaw stability GumPlete®
Egg Replacement (Vegan Meringue) Replaces egg whites up to 100% in select applications, promotes aeration, improves consistency and stability through baking process GumPlete®
Egg Replacement (Mousse, Waffles) Replaces egg whites up to 100% in select applications, improves consistency, provides set, provides uniform cell structure GumPlete® SHX-DM-271
Egg Replacement (Pasta) Replaces up to 100% of whole eggs in pasta, provides structure, improves elasticity, facilitates rolling and sheeting GumPlete® SXCT-PD-237

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We believe in doing what is best for our customers and only recommending the systems that will best help with your application. Talk with our hydrocolloid specialists and tap into the power of our problem solving expertise.

If you are already using starch in your formulation and only want advice on a gum that will complement it and help you solve a particular problem, please contact us as well. We recognize that many formulators already have a starch that they prefer to use, but find that their formulation needs a little adjustment that the right gum can help to make.

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