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Penford Food Ingredients Grows GumPlete® Line for Beverages, Gluten-free Baked Goods

NEW ORLEANS, La., March. 26, 2015 – Penford Food Ingredients, a leader in innovative carbohydrate systems and technologies, announced today two new GumPlete® systems at the Research Chefs Association Culinology Expo in New Orleans. GumPlete® GF 101 is for use in gluten-free baked goods and GumPlete® BV 111 can be applied in instant beverage products.

“Using a synergistic blend of starches and gums can improve texture more effectively than an individual gum or starch could do independently,” said John Randall, president of Penford Food Ingredients. “Companies are combining gums and starches for maximum functionality. Using a single-source supplier reduces the possibility of over stabilization, or in some cases, the chance of gum and starches competing against each other instead of working together.”

Penford Food Ingredients recognizes the growing market of gluten-free baked goods. According to a Sept. 2014 Mintel Report, the gluten-free food category will grow an additional 62 percent before 2017—potentially reaching sales of $14.2 billion. GumPlete GF 101 improves texture in gluten-free baked goods applications such as bread, cookies, muffins and cakes. The blend combines starches and gums to provide structure and cohesion.

Benefits include:

Like the gluten-free market, non-carbonated, ready-to-drink beverages have grown significantly in the last 12 months. Instant beverages account for 60 percent of the all new product launches, according to a November 2014 study by Mintel.

GumPlete BV 111 provides viscosity and suspension to instant beverages such as meal replacement drinks and smoothies. The blend of modified food starch and gums imparts a creamy texture and increases a beverage’s fiber content.

Benefits include:

Visit booth 316P to learn more about GumPlete GF 101 and GumPlete BV 111.

About Penford Food Ingredients:

Penford Food Ingredients now part of Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE:INGR), a leading global ingredients solutions provider specializing in nature-based sweeteners, starches and nutrition ingredients. Penford Food Ingredients supplies a broad family of starches based on potato, tapioca, rice and corn, as well as gum and gum blends which include synergistic mixtures of starches and gums. Penford also develops formulations for food coatings, gluten-free products, marinades, cheese products, baked goods, snacks, sauces, confections and starch-based pet treats and toys. For more information (,



WESTCHESTER, Ill., March 11, 2015 – Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR), a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announced today that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Penford Corporation, a U.S.-based leader in specialty ingredients for food and non-food applications.

"This is a great opportunity for Ingredion. Penford’s expertise in potato starch, non-starch texturizers (hydrocolloids) and green solutions expands our capabilities to address growing consumer trends. Plus, their complementary portfolio of higher-value specialty ingredients will take us into new and profitable sectors. We are looking forward to a bright future together," said Ilene Gordon, Ingredion chairman and CEO.

"We will begin the integration immediately to capture synergies, provide a broader offering of higher-value specialty products to our customers around the world and continue to deliver shareholder value," Gordon added.

The integration is expected to generate annual cost synergies of at least $20 million, primarily from efficiencies in the areas of manufacturing, procurement, logistics and general and administrative functions. Excluding one-time costs, the transaction is expected to be $0.08 – $0.12 accretive to earnings on a per share basis in 2015.

Penford common stock has ceased trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Penford will be incorporated into Ingredion's $3.1 billion North American business, led by Jim Zallie, Ingredion executive vice president of global specialties and president of North America and EMEA. Tom Malkoski, Penford’s president and chief executive officer, will join Ingredion as a senior advisor on strategic projects to promote specialties growth. Reporting to Ingredion CEO Gordon, Malkoski will also support the integration of Penford.

Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE:INGR) is a leading global ingredients solutions provider specializing in nature-based sweeteners, starches and nutrition ingredients. With customers in more than 100 countries, Ingredion serves approximately 60 diverse sectors in food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceuticals and other industries. For more information, visit

Forward-Looking Statements
This news release contains or may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The Company intends these forward-looking statements to be covered by the safe harbor provisions for such statements.

Forward-looking statements include, among other things, any statements regarding the Company’s prospects or future financial condition, earnings, revenues, tax rates, capital expenditures, expenses or other financial items, any statements concerning the Company’s prospects or future operations, including management’s plans or strategies and objectives therefor and any assumptions, expectations or beliefs underlying the foregoing.

These statements can sometimes be identified by the use of forward looking words such as "may," "will," "should," "anticipate," "believe," "plan," "project," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "continue," "pro forma," "forecast," "outlook" or other similar expressions or the negative thereof. All statements other than statements of historical facts in this release or referred to in this release are "forward-looking statements."

These statements are based on current expectations, but are subject to certain inherent risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and are beyond our control. Although we believe our expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, stockholders are cautioned that no assurance can be given that our expectations will prove correct.

Actual results and developments may differ materially from the expectations expressed in or implied by these statements, based on various factors, including the effects of global economic conditions, including, particularly, continuation or worsening of the current economic, currency and political conditions in South America and economic conditions in Europe, and their impact on our sales volumes and pricing of our products, our ability to collect our receivables from customers and our ability to raise funds at reasonable rates; fluctuations in worldwide markets for corn and other commodities, and the associated risks of hedging against such fluctuations; fluctuations in the markets and prices for our co-products, particularly corn oil; fluctuations in aggregate industry supply and market demand; the behavior of financial markets, including foreign currency fluctuations and fluctuations in interest and exchange rates; continued volatility and turmoil in the capital markets; the commercial and consumer credit environment; general political, economic, business, market and weather conditions in the various geographic regions and countries in which we buy our raw materials or manufacture or sell our products; future financial performance of major industries which we serve, including, without limitation, the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, paper, corrugated, textile and brewing industries; energy costs and availability, freight and shipping costs, and changes in regulatory controls regarding quotas, tariffs, duties, taxes and income tax rates; operating difficulties; availability of raw materials, including tapioca and the specific varieties of corn upon which our products are based; energy issues in Pakistan; boiler reliability; our ability to effectively integrate and operate acquired businesses; our ability to achieve budgets and to realize expected synergies; our ability to complete planned maintenance and investment projects successfully and on budget; labor disputes; genetic and biotechnology issues; changing consumption preferences including those relating to high fructose corn syrup; increased competitive and/or customer pressure in the corn-refining industry; and the outbreak or continuation of serious communicable disease or hostilities including acts of terrorism. Factors relating to the acquisition of Penford Corporation that could cause actual results and developments to differ from expectations include: the anticipated benefits of the acquisition, including synergies, may not be realized; and the integration of Penford’s operations with those of Ingredion may be materially delayed or may be more costly or difficult than expected.

Our forward-looking statements speak only as of the date on which they are made and we do not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of the statement as a result of new information or future events or developments. If we do update or correct one or more of these statements, investors and others should not conclude that we will make additional updates or corrections. For a further description of these and other risks, see "Risk Factors" included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2014 and subsequent reports on Forms 10-Q and 8-K.

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Penford Food Ingredients Expands Egg Replacement Portfolio, Combats High Cost of Egg Components
Centennial, Colo. (Jan. 8, 2015) – Penford Food Ingredients, a leader in innovative carbohydrate systems and technology, announced today the expansion of their egg replacement portfolio. This portfolio of starches and starch and gum blends can partially or fully replace the whole egg, egg white and yolk in prepared food products.

“Egg components are escalating in price and can fluctuate greatly in the market,” said John Randall, president of Penford Food Ingredients. “Companies need high-performing replacement technologies not only to reduce the cost of production and reduce price volatility, but also to cater to allergen-free markets. Depending on the formulation, removing eggs can potentially reduce saturated fat and cholesterol, and maintain volume in food products without gluten, egg, soy or dairy.”

Functional Benefits

Recommended Applications

Members of the food ingredient industry can learn more about carbohydrate-based egg replacement solutions at a webinar hosted by Food Business News, and Penford Food Ingredients. The free webinar begins at 2 p.m. EST Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015. Join this session to hear Mintel speak about the market trends, watch Penford crack open issues commonly found with replacing eggs and boil down the solutions needed to improve texture and save costs.

About Penford Food Ingredients:

Penford Food Ingredients is a division of Penford Corporation (NASDAQ:PENX). Penford’s business was founded over 100 years ago and today Penford is a leading global supplier of food and industrial starches and gums. An innovation and service-driven organization, Penford Food Ingredients supplies a broad family of starches based on potato, tapioca, rice and corn, as well as gum and gum blends which include synergistic mixtures of starches and gums. Penford also develops formulations for food coatings, gluten-free products, marinades, cheese products, baked goods, snacks, sauces, confections and starch-based pet treats and toys. Headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, Penford Food Ingredients has over 100 employees, including top food scientists and chemists and dedicated employees working in manufacturing facilities located in Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

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