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General Contact InformationContact Us

Phone:  1.520.888.5500
Toll Free:  1.800.369.GUMS (4867)
Fax:  520.888.5585
Email:  info @ gumtech .com

Remittance Address
Gum Technology Corporation
PO Box 68402
Tucson, AZ  85737

Gum Technology Corporation
10860 North Mavinee Drive
Tucson, AZ  85737 USA


OrdersFax Orders to 520.888.5585

When placing an order please fax it to:  520.888.5585 (fax)
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) or 520.888.5500
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Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 200
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Technical/Laboratory/Culinary Questions

1.800.369.GUMS (4867)
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Sample Requests
1.800.369.GUMS (4867)
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Quality Control
1.800.369.GUMS (4867)
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Aida Prenzno, Vice President of Technology
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 105
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Allen Freed, CEO
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 103
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Joshua Brooks, President
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 102
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Pricing Requests
1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 204
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1.800.369.GUMS (4867) ext. 106
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