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Gum Technology is unique in the industry in that we incorporate such a wide variety of gums, many of which are not customarily offered by other manufacturers. We import gums such as Acacia, Agar, Alginates, Carrageenans, Cellulose, CMC, Guar, Gum Arabic, Konjac, Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, PGA, Talha, Tara, & Xanthan from all over the world and have many custom processed to our specific requirements. Think of our Hydrocolloid Lab as your Hydrocolloid lab

Depending on the processing and desired characteristics of a finished product, some gums can be used as individual components. Others do better in combination, creating a synergy with other gums, starches or stabilizers.

Gum Technology has over thirty three years of experience helping customers identify just the right gums or gum blends that result in the perfect functionality for any application. New and innovative gum blends are continuously being developed for a variety of products.

Since Gum Technology works with all gums as well as starches and other hydrocolloids, we can custom develop stabilizers to fit our clients' unique products, rather than have our client re-formulate to fit the stabilizer.

Gum Technology’s stabilizer database contains products used in a wide variety of food products including sauces, gravies, beverages, meats, bakery fillings, fruit variegates, spice blends and dairy products as well as many other applications. Approximately 50% of the products sold by Gum Technology are customized proprietary formulas that are as unique as our clients' finished products.

Bring your stabilization problems to our R&D laboratory for quick and effective solutions. Gum Technology Stabilizers won't "flavor mask" and are often used at levels as low as 0.05%, making them cost efficient.

Ranking Check out the ingredient buyer survey results that show Gum Technology and our Coyote Brand as one of the best in the industry for technical service, product quality, price/value, and knowledgeable sales force.

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Gum Technology is a Winner

Gum Technology is a 2011, 2010, and 2009 Food Processing Readers' Choice Award Winner in the category of Gums & Hydrocolloids. The Food Processing survey went out to 200-plus respondents who were asked to pick their favorite suppliers. No supplier names were suggested; and the form was an unaided recall survey.


Gum Technology has developed countless new combinations of individual hydrocolloids to meet growing and changing market and product needs. The development of these synergistic gum blends has resulted in the creation of an extensive technical database. This technology and know-how is reflected in the company's name. Gum Technology takes pride in its ability to develop custom stabilizers for unique situations. We like to consider ourselves as an extension of our customers' R&D departments. Use us as if we were your own hydrocolloid division!

When was Gum Technology started?

Gum Technology has been servicing the food and allied industries since its foundation in 1981. Allen Coyote

Why was Gum Technology formed?

Allen Freed, Gum Technology’s founder, created the company after he repeatedly saw the need for stabilization in products that he was working on as a food consultant. During product development he found that using only straight gums in the formulations did not offer the full functional and cost benefits that he knew combining synergistic gums would give.

Sales Representatives

Gum Technology is represented throughout the country and internationally by a dedicated and intelligent network of brokers and representatives. We suggest you tell them your specific needs, and let them bring your problems to our laboratory.Look Up your Sales Representative